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We take the stress out of the grooming experience for you and your pet, by coming to you.


Why should I have my dog groomed and what are the benefits?

Grooming isn’t just about your dog looking and smelling good — it is also important for your dog’s overall well-being

There are many direct health benefits of having your dog groomed regularly. It is important for your dog to maintain a healthy coat, healthy skin and a healthy life style. When your dog visits Waggies we will carry out a free health check before any grooming or treatment session commences and will continue to assess your dog whilst he or she is in our care.


Regular grooming keeps your dog clean, free from dirt and debris and removes any dead hair from the coat, all of which contributes to the overall well- being of your dog. Dogs with long, dense or coarse coats require a lot more attention than other dogs to avoid matting of their coats. At Waggies we only use 100% natural products and ensure that any shampoo used is specifically appropriate for your dog’s coat and skin.

Health and Hygiene

Regular grooming will keep your dogs coat and skin in a good healthy condition and will also encourage new hair to grow and prevent knots forming in the coat, which if left can lead to irritation and soreness. There are some dogs that grow excessive amounts of hair between their feet and under their paw pads, as well as around the anus (backside) area which, if left, can lead to serious hygiene problems, matting of hair, accumulation of dirt, and can even cause problems when defecating and urinating. At Waggies we will gently trim around these areas, which will help to prevent any problems before they can develop. In addition certain breeds of dogs will grow long hair on their face, mouth and eyes, and if left untrimmed the hair can become matted with food particles, saliva and dried tears. If hair around the eyes is not trimmed regularly the dog will have a greater chance of developing eye infections, glaucoma and or cataracts. Regular grooming helps to prevent serious health problems from occurring.


We know at Waggies that you as an owner take pride in the appearance of your dog and we will ensure that we groom your dog to its breed standard or to a style that suits both you and your dog’s lifestyle.


Regular grooming will also allow Waggies to give your dog regular health checks where we can look for any abnormalities on your dog’s skin such as warts or infections. It is also an opportunity for us to check for any fleas or any other parasites. As well as this, during the health check we will also pay special attention to your dog’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth and pads to make sure they are healthy and free from disease.


Regular grooming has been proven to help dogs to socialize and also improve the bond between owner and dog and will help your dog to remain in a healthy, clean and happy state of mind. Regular appointments will also make your dogs experience with grooming a more comfortable and enjoyable experience and not one that will cause him or her any undue stress when being groomed in the future.

Frequency of Grooming

At Waggies we recommend that your dog is groomed approximately every 4 – 6 weeks, however this will depend on your dog’s breed, coat type and or lifestyle. A nervous dog may benefit from short regular appointments. We will be able to advise you in more detail of the suitable frequency of your dogs grooming once we have had the opportunity of seeing him or her for their first groom.

The First Groom

When we arrive at your premises for the first grooming appointment we will spend some time getting to know your dog and his temperament and how you would like him or her groomed. We will also ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your dog and any requirements you may have, which will be kept solely for Waggies own reference. We agree strongly and abide with the data protection act, and all the information that is supplied is strictly private and confidential between you and us only. The questionnaire and any other documents obtained are kept under lock and key at the owners home address.

Should you have any enquiries at any time please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.